Botswana Wildlife in December for iPhone and iPad

The other day I was very pleased to received a hard cover copy of my photographic book “Botswana Wildlife in December” and was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Botswana Wildlife in DecemberI have released the book for sale with the following options:

  • Hard Cover (Image Wrap), Matte Paper, No Cover Flaps – $76.95,
  • Hard Cover (with Dust Jacket), Glossy Paper, Cover Flaps – $71.95,
  • Soft Cover (no Dust Jacket), Glossy Paper, No Cover Flaps – $59.95, and
  • iPad/iPhone ebook download for Apple® iBooks® (51.6Mb download) – $9.99.

That pricing, surprisingly, doesn’t make me much money; Blurb has its printing and ebook conversion costs and Apple®, as always, take out their 30% cut for ebook sales. Of the profits I may actually receive I will be taking out a further 10% to be donated to RAGE (Rhino Action Group Effort – for their work in the prevention of rhino poaching. A rhino is killed by poachers in Africa every 20 hours.

If you’d like to support this worthy cause and receive a great book in the process then hop over to Blurb and have a look at some sample pages from my book and if you like what you see, grab a copy. With over 100 informative pages supported with more than 150 top quality photographs it would make an ideal coffee table book or gift for family or friends.

Thanks for your support.

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