Wanted Images Website upgrade

Time once again to update the website templates and reoganise galleries. It will be a work in progress for the next few weeks, so don’t be surprised when pages get shuffled around or are under construction (although this should be at a minimum). I’ve kept the same branding (colours and themes) but the back end […]

Botswana Wildlife in December for iPhone and iPad

The other day I was very pleased to received a hard cover copy of my photographic book “Botswana Wildlife in December” and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I have released the book for sale with the following options: Hard Cover (Image Wrap), Matte Paper, No Cover Flaps – $76.95, Hard Cover (with Dust Jacket), […]

New Wanted Images Blog

Hello everyone, I have added a personal WordPress blog to my site and have moved away from Blogger for the time being. So thanks for visiting the new blog and I hope to update more regularly than before. Cheers Gary www.wantedimages.com.au

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