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Here is a list of some of the other sites I contribute my photos to, feel free to have a browse: Cheers Gary

More Macro

The flies were boring so this are a bit more adventurous, shooting up close and personal at about 20 cm face to face. Cheers Gary

Nesting Time

The Superb Fairywrens are nesting beside the pool so I set up camera and took a few shots. Cheers Gary

Welcome 2015

Happy New Year to all from Wanted Images, may 2015 bring you a year filled with fun and good fortune. Cheers Gary

Pet Portraits Fun

Last weekend was a great day out with all the pets at Petbarn Booval. I had a great time with pets ranging in size from Guinea Pigs to Llamas. I hope everyone had as much fun as me, remember to check out your private galleries here. Here are a couple of my favourites from the […]

Taking a Break

This Golden Spiny Ant stops to inspect the break in his path. More images at the Wanted Images Insect Gallery Cheers Gary

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