Fun was had at QLD Raceway

A great weekend of racing by the V8 Supercars, Dunlop Series V8s, Touring Car Masters, Aussie Racing Cars and the Formula Ford teams at Queensland Raceway. As I get through the photos from the weekend I will endeavour to post them in a gallery in the  Sports Album Cheers Gary

Revamped Wanted Images Website

The guys at “The Turning Gate” have released their latest LightRoom website interface templates, CE3, and I have updated the Wanted Images website accordingly. There are a swag of improvements behind the scenes but the most noticeable at the front end is the mobile device scalability which allows for consistent resizing of pages to suit […]

Dreaming of Drier Days

Time to add a little sunshine here in Queensland, it seems like forever since the skies have been blue and the air dry. More sunset photos at Wanted Images Photography in the Scapes Galleries. Cheers Gary

Local Frog

Haven’t picked the camera up in a couple of days after putting my back out 🙁 Managed to sit down in front of this guy for a couple of quick pics, more frogs on my Amphibians and Reptiles Gallery. Cheers Gary

Golden-tailed Spiny Ant

I went chasing more ants with the 100mm macro and captured these two Golden-tailed Spiny ants. More of ants and other bugs work in my Insect Gallery. Cheers Gary

End of another week

Glad to see the back end of this week… Rough week with the passing of a good friend and fellow photographer, looking forward to a brighter rest of the year. Cheers Gary

Photo Edit from Africa

I constantly go back and review some of the 10,000 photos I took while in Africa to see if there are some images I have missed that may be worth editing. This one must have slipped through the cracks as it hasn’t come up too bad. This is one of the several leopards we encountered […]

Another Local Frog

The frogs are just loving this rain, here is another from the front yard. This one is an Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog hiding in the Sago Palm (Cycad), I’ve posted him in my Amphibians and Reptiles Gallery. Cheers Gary

Rain Lover

With all this rain about the frogs are having a great time. I have just added a Dainty Tree Frog (or Graceful Tree Frog) to the Wanted Images Amphibian and Reptile Gallery. These guys grow to about 4-5cm and just love to get about on those wet rainy nights. Cheers Gary

Insect Gallery Updated

Last one for the day! What an effort updated more galleries that I expected. This one is the Insect Gallery with new additions. Cheers Gary

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