More Macro

The flies were boring so this are a bit more adventurous, shooting up close and personal at about 20 cm face to face. Cheers Gary

Taking a Break

This Golden Spiny Ant stops to inspect the break in his path. More images at the Wanted Images Insect Gallery Cheers Gary

An Image A Day #24

Sticking with the Lord of the Rings theme, here is another. Gollum statue taken outside for dramatic effect, the clouds in the background are real and not Photoshopped in… Visit Wanted Images for more of my photography. Cheers Gary

An Image A Day #18

A trip to Lamington National Park never disappoints with a great rain forest atmosphere and native wildlife. This Eastern Yellow Eastern Robin was happy enough to sit still long enough for a quick photo. More Wildlife photos in the Wildlife Galleries at Wanted Images Cheers Gary

An Image A Day #5

Something a bit different! An abstract without spacial reference makes it hard to determine the size of this object. More unusual abstracts can be found at Wanted Images Creative Galleries. Cheers Gary

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